We are providing smart solutions to boost your mobile based learning courses!

What about is it?

The innovative performance-centered mobile learning methodology presents mobile learning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes.

How to use it?

mtraining provides methods and tools for using mobile devices to access knowledge exactly when it is needed and puts training and performance support where the actual work takes place.

Target group

We provide trainers in vocational education and e-business managers with training and support in implementing mobile learning and performance support systems.

04 Dec 2013

Wide range of possibilities

Mobile learning offers a wide range of possibilities for training in the workplace.   Training in the workplace has specific characteristics:   ·         It needs to be predominan (...)

03 Dec 2013

Second version of Trainer’s Manual ready to use!

See a second version of Trainer's Manual. Familiarise yourself with a fresh look to mobile learning. You will understand how easy is to introduce this solution to your company or your teaching methods.   A second version of the Manu (...)

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