30 Aug 2013

Pilot phase of the M-Training project carried out in Spain

In June and July, the M-Training project carried out two pilot sessions in Spain to test the mobile learning methodology, giving a course in e-commerce in the first session and a course in marketing on-line during the second one.

Both sessions were organized by INVESLAN, Spanish partner of the project, in cooperation with BIZKAIRED, a Basque business association. In total, 32 people from different business areas took part in the pilot phase.

The pilot phase consisted of in person sessions where the participants were given the respecting contents by a trainer from INVESLAN. As part of the methodology of the pilot phase, the participants also acceded the mobile platform developed within the project framework to test their knowledge about the concerning subjects (e-commerce and marketing on-line) before and after the course.

At the end of the sessions, the participants were asked to fill a questionnaire about the methodology used and the main results highlight that mobile learning is a learning methodology quite unknown in Spain. However, the participants found it very attractive and in the future would like to take part in training courses which use this methodology for learning, which is a great opportunity for the M-Training project.