03 Oct 2013

The University of Salamanca enhances the use of M-Learning

The Department of Innovation and Infraestructures of the University of Salamanca (Spain) has pointed out that the development of new apps for mobile devices is part of the projects the University is working in to offer these services to the students.


Recently, the university has adapted to mobile devices the library service system so the students can look and reserve the publications they need through their smartphones. The University is now working in the adaptation of the students platform (Studium) to be used with mobile devices.


The University of Salamanca, through the Observatory for Training through the Net (SCOPEO) carried out some months ago the research “M-Learning in Spain, Portugal and Latin America”, highlighting that the “use of smartphones and other mobile devices is still in an initial stage of development and its use is foreseen to increase in the next years as part of the new learning methodologies”.