30 Oct 2013

Mobile devices in Spain

Mobile devices have changed the way to access entertaining contents in Spain.


They are the ideal device to consume contents because they enable the user to move, they display high quality multimedia (images, video, audio) and they allow access to the social networks. Even TV channels in Spain have developed applications for tablets so the user can access some of the contents shown in TV from their own tablet.


However, although these devices are already deeply integrated in the spare time of the Spaniards, they haven´t reached yet the training sector and they are not widely applied with training purposes. This is very related to the way education is provided in Spain.


Traditionally, education in Spain is just unidirectional: a person (the trainer) stands in front of the learners and give a lesson. There is room for few interaction from the learners. This is one of the reasons why the use of tablets is not spread in education.


Another reason highlighted by some experts is that there are not many applications in the market in the field of training 2.0. One of the few ones is “Pupitre”, considered one of the best applications for tablets developed in Spanish. This application, can be used by children aged between 3 and 11 years old to play and learn. It incorporates contents for learning based on the use of their traditional tools to develop their skills (writing, reading, mathematics, learn vocabulary, etc.).


In any case, although the presence of tablets in education is still modest, they are gaining presence especially in adult´s education where self-learning is more usual.