04 Dec 2013

Wide range of possibilities

Mobile learning offers a wide range of possibilities for training in the workplace.


Training in the workplace has specific characteristics:


·         It needs to be predominantly practical and related to the daily tasks of the job.

·         Ideally, training needs to be displayed when and where it is needed.

·         A worker has less flexibility due to time restrictions.


Using mobile learning allows a better combination of the working duties with training needs. It enables the learner to access training when and where this is needed, and it is not necessary to be in a certain place at a certain time. This makes training much more effective because it is more direct, is based on demand and it is very useful in a business context. The most remarkable aspect of mobile learning is that it allows the access to the training contents in the moment that a practical activity is taking place, displaying training within the particular context. This fact fosters understanding because knowledge is immediately put in practice and, at the same time, it enhances motivation and learner´s engagement with the training activity.