04 Oct 2013

To BYOD or not to BYOD?

With regard to the previous article about BYOD:   Legal checklist under European / Belgian law.

03 Oct 2013

The University of Salamanca enhances the use of M-Learning

The Department of Innovation and Infraestructures of the University of Salamanca (Spain) has pointed out that the development of new apps for mobile devices is part of the projects the University is working in to offer these services to the students. (...)

30 Aug 2013

mLearning and Learning Disability

One of the most exciting areas of mLearning, with the biggest impact on quality of life for its users and access to learning, is in the area of learning disability.   A person with dyslexia or other reading difficulties can be actively eng (...)

30 Aug 2013

Pilot phase of the M-Training project carried out in Spain

In June and July, the M-Training project carried out two pilot sessions in Spain to test the mobile learning methodology, giving a course in e-commerce in the first session and a course in marketing on-line during the second one. Both sessions were (...)

29 Jul 2013

Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)

This post is linked to a previous post: Five reasons why mobile devices make perfect learning tools. The aim is to highlight and expand on the section ‘Personalisation’. This is to show the advances in the context of the Bring Your Own Devi (...)