The “E – business Mobile Training Methodology” project is a part of the Transfer of Innovation projects (TOI) which are based on transferring and applying innovative solutions and products to new field in order to increase efficiency in teaching and vocational trainings. In the course of international cooperation partners adapt proven-to-work-ideas in their own language, cultural and law terms and implement them in other countries or sectors. The subject of transfer might be pilot project results and themes realized in the previous Leonardo da Vinci programme stage, as well as innovative solutions not related with the Programme.For example:


• teaching programmes and training modules;
• tools for skill and vocational qualification evaluation;
• tools for training demand research;
• materials meant for vocational foreign language studies(manuals, syllabus).


Leonardo da Vinci programme priorities for TOI (Transfer of innovation) projects for 2008-2010 below:


1. The encouragement of cooperation between VET and the world of work
2. The support of initial and continuous training of VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institution managers
3. The promotion of acquisition of key competences in VET
4. The development and the transfer of mobility strategies in VET
5. ECVET for the transparency and the recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications
6. Improving the quality of assurance systems in VET


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"E – business Mobile Training Methodology" project is a part of the ADAM system, a portal of projects and results of the Leonardo da Vinci programme.
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The ADAM portal was created with the support of the European Commission and is presently used by all countries participating in the Leonardo da Vinci programme. Putting in data concerning results of projects which are carried out will be obligatory for all project beneficiaries of the Transfer of Innovation of the LdV programme.


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