We are living at the beginning of new Era of "Knowledge Society" in which tremendous changes are undergoing in education. Ways of acquiring knowledge have been strongly influenced by the ICT, by which we are surrounded every day in almost every aspect of our life.


The main objective of project is to transfer innovative mobile Performance Support System methodology to the area of e-business in Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Ireland to develop the E-business Mobile Training Methodology (EMTM) on its foundations. The mPSS was designed, developed, evaluated and implemented within the frames of Leonardo DOI project that ended in 2010. mPSS presents m-learning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes and can be easily adopted to the needs of future and present e-business managers.


The partnership of project consists of 4 organizations representing 3 countries (Poland, Spain, Ireland). All partners are experienced in projects' implementation in the field of innovative learning and adult education. General outcomes of the project include:


  • the transfer of innovative  methodology and trainer's manual
  • pilot training program 


The impact of the project will be put on making E-business trainings more effective in long term perspective by providing learners with job aid in the context of their work.


In 2012 the partners of the project were two university organizations: Plovdiv Univeristy (Bulgaria) and Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain). In 2013 they were replaced by other bodies. The current list of members of the consortium can be found on the Members tab.